Dive Site: Shag Rock & The Kingston, The Red Sea, Egypt

Date: 06 October 2015
Visibility: 15 – 20m
Water Temp: 27°C
Max Depth: 24m
Bottom Time: 53mins

Shag Rock, named after the cormorants that nest there, and the wreck of the Kingston, make a really beautiful dive.  This is an example of a wreck that has been truly taken over by the reef, and  is almost more coral than wreck now.  Where the skeleton of the wreck still stands, eerie shafts of light seep down to the sandy bottom below.

Knotted ropes hang off of the rib cage of the wreck, as soft and hard corals grow up from the sandy bottom.  This wreck provides an enormous amount of atmosphere for photographers, and their are various points which frame the reef behind and around the wreck.

After leaving the wreck, we hung around in the water, letting the current take us along the coral reef.  At this point, we were greeted by a couple of hawksbill turtles who, unperturbed by our presence, swam right up to and past us.  Swimming away from the reef to end the dive, we were picked up by the zodiacs, and had yet another entertaining zodiac entry to deal with before the short trip back to the liveaboard.

Shag Rock and the Kingston wreck is a very picturesque dive, and one that I would love to go back to and spend more time getting some atmospheric shots, and enjoying the vistas.

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