Dive Site: Shark Reef & Yolanda Reef, The Red Sea, Egypt

Date: 04 October 2015
Visibility: 20+m
Water Temp: 29°C
Max Depth: 26.7m
Bottom Time: 50mins

At the Shark and Yolanda reefs in Ras Mohammed we got to see our first crocodilefish (shown above), and he’s a beauty!  This was yet another really pretty dive (yes, there is a theme here), with lush coral gardens, some big drop-offs and large sea fans growing out of the sides of the pinnacles.  Although we didn’t see any on our visit, it is quite common to spot the odd wandering shark in the deeper water just off of the reef (I assume this is why it is called Shark Reef).

I also learned a valuable lesson on this dive; make sure your camera is fully charged before getting into the water!  This means that I unfortunately didn’t get many shots of this dive, although I did manage to at least snap the crocodilefish!

The Yolanda Reef is names after a wreck that sank there, which was carrying a cargo which continues to entertain divers today.  The aftermath of the wreck left its cargo of toilets scattered across the reef, where many soft corals have grown around (and inside) them.  These make for a fun photo opportunity, and you can find many photos of divers posing on them!  It is wise to be wary though, snice many have fire corals growing up from inside, and many a diver has been burned in sensitive areas by getting a little too close!

The final part of the dive was over a beautiful coral garden, where again there was an abundance of life – as you can see by the volume of anthias and other species in the photos!

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