Dive Site: Jackfish Alley, The Red Sea, Egypt

Date: 04 October 2015
Visibility: 20+m
Water Temp: 29°C
Max Depth: 25.7m
Bottom Time: 45mins

Jackfish Alley was a great dive.  Jumping straight off of the boat, the dive started with the first, last and only swim-through of the liveaboard, the entrance to which was marked by the droppings of sea birds on the cliffs above.  A spectacular sight at only 5m or so, we encountered a school of anthias, and a small jellyfish inside the small cave.

After the swim-through was a nice easy bimble over a lush coral garden, full of sea fans, soft and hard corals, and an abundance of aquatic life.  I was still getting to grips with utilising the camera underwater at this point, so didn’t manage to get the best shots, but I still got a few.

Since this was only our second dive in the Red Sea, we still hadn’t gotten used the surroundings and found it difficult to focus on specifics.  There was just too much to look at at once; numerous intricate sea fans catching morsels from the current, schools of anthias, a hiding moray eel, a pair of banner fish darting around each other.

Jackfish Alley is part of the Ras Mohammed marine park in the north of the Red Sea, at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsular.  Protected from fishing and other human activities deemed harmful to marine life and coral reefs, Jackfish Alley and other sites in Ras Mohammed are full of life, and well worth a visit.

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